SPACES Awards and Yearbook 2023/24 – update

SPACES awards 2023 - award winners from last year

After much deliberation, the SPACES Chair and Award Panel have decided that due to the number of submissions following the effects of Covid on the construction industry, that the submission process is going to stay open for another eleven months and we will have joint 2023/24 yearbook and award ceremony.

As part of this extension we will be transforming a number of our member’s projects into case studies and adding them onto our website and other forms of social media throughout the year. Showcasing the fabulous projects that those working in and for the Public Sector deliver.

New Submission Deadline: Friday 5th January 2024.

This is a great opportunity to showcase any public funded project and an opportunity to win a national award!

Not just for schools, any building or space, large or small, new build, refurbishment or extension which has received an element of public funding is eligible!

Our yearbook and awards are not just about the building but considers many other factors including the impact it’s had on the community, environmental benefits, an outstanding collaborative approach, etc. The public sector, working in collaboration with the private sector, delivers some amazing projects which deserve wider recognition.

So if you have a project that you are proud of you can submit a project to this year’s Awards and Yearbook for free.

Submissions are invited nationally and can include:

    • New building and refurbishment projects across the public sector
    • Buildings that add value to the communities they serve
    • Buildings from all sectors of public construction
    • Projects that demonstrate collaboration
    • Projects that demonstrate Engineering excellence/ingenuity
    • Surveying projects that renew embedded value
    • Examples of construction team excellence
    • Articles of interest on public sector buildings

Anyone can make a submission whether you are the client, architect, contractor, engineer, surveyor or project manager who feels there is merit in a particular building or project.

Before submitting your project, please read the accompanying Submission Guidance (you can collate information using this editable Data Collection Sheet).

You can submit your project here!

From these a shortlist will be made of those projects that are eligible to enter the Civic Building of the Year Awards.

Please note:

  • Schemes must have been completed and be operational between 1st October 2021 and 31st October 2023.
  • They must also have received an element of public funding to aid their delivery.
  • There is no limit to the number of submissions per client/organisation.
  • It is free to submit your project.
  • Anyone involved in the scheme can submit an application.
  • In addition, you must upload a minimum of 3 photographs up to 5 photographs and up to 5 pieces of supporting documentation. (including site plan and floor plan(s) and can also include project data sheets, brochures, case studies, videos).
  • See guidance note for further information. SPACES reserves the right to exclude projects that do not adhere to the guidance.

A shortlist of projects for the yearbook and awards will be produced during January 2024. Subsequent information and access for visits may be required. If SPACES does not receive a response within 6 weeks we reserve the right to remove the project from the yearbook and/or awards process.

New Submission Deadline: Friday 5th January 2024.

For other ways to be involved with the awards and yearbook, please see our website.

You can view a copy of the 2022 Yearbook and last year’s award winners.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

You can submit your project here!