Our work

NSR Management Ltd are here with the knowledge and tools to help organisations who are looking to adopt digital solutions to manage their built Maintenance and Retrofit works.

Being established for over 30 years and in the forefront of producing the National Schedules of Rates as a pricing tool for the public and private sectors. The nature of repairs and maintenance means that it is never known which precise works will be required during the contract period and thus the comprehensive nature of the schedules ensures that the majority of scenarios are covered.

Another benefit is that the repairs can be accurately priced before they are carried out. This allows the building owner to go directly to the contractor, in the knowledge that they will work to the required standards and agreed costs, saving valuable time and expense.

Schedule of Rates

The Schedule of Rates is a pre-priced list of typical maintenance tasks that can be used together to calculate the value of repairs and of maintenance works. At the tender stage, the tenderers are all given the same base rates and then adjust the rates by means of a percentage to allow things such as overheads and profit, preliminary costs and other factors.

We produce a range of ten different schedules in hard copy and eBook formats. The schedules encompass repairs and maintenance works for building, electrical, mechanical services, highways, painting and decorating, housing, access and adaptations works.

We can create bespoke schedules for clients and we also support this with specialist consultancy services and our project management software, MTC QS. 

Measured Term Contracts

A Measured Term Contract is a way of getting works carried out by an approved trusted contractor at pre-agreed, competitively tendered prices when the actual work required isn’t fully known or can’t be fully quantified – which makes it perfect for maintenance and projects.

MTC QS is a web based contract management system that has been developed by QS’s  to meet the specific needs related to MTC contracts, although it is flexible enough for use on other types of contract. MTC QS houses our schedule of rates data and takes the effort out of finding prices, managing contracts and producing estimates and invoices.

The software can be used for pricing building works, refurbishments, retrofit, extensions, renewal works, highways maintenance and reactive maintenance. You can choose which schedules you require and configure the contracts for the adjustments tendered. Our software works for clients, client representatives, QSs, contractors and subcontractors.

MTC QS enables data flow from client to contractor and then from contractor to subcontractor. This ensures that clients are ahead of the game and allows them to keep their budgets on track with a clear audit trail. The software has the ability to attach unlimited files in any format such as drawings, specifications, certificates and photographs and more to keep all the relevant information in one place.

Our Consultancy services for Employers and Contractors dealing with Term Contracts

Our consultancy services are designed mainly to help Employers and Contractors dealing with Term Contracts. Dealing with the built environment poses challenges and risks that are inherently complex. Given the mix of asset types and the challenges, professional advice based on broad experience with many clients, up-to-date knowledge and expertise can add very real value. We can help you to evaluate your current service, choose the right strategy and procurement options suited to your needs and mobilise an effective maintenance regime.


Please visit www.nsrm.co.uk to book in for a one to one demo of the MTC SQ software or eBook demo.

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