The National Schedule of Rates – Making Planned and Responsive Maintenance Easier

Nuts & bolts solutions that work for your business on term maintenance contracts

NSR Management has taken a nuts and bolts approach for specifying and developing the latest version of our estimating software MTC QS. It is now available online and offers clients and contractors a powerful and efficient pricing tool to administer their maintenance term contracts. With considerable feedback from customers who regularly use the National Schedules for both planned and response maintenance, we have designed a system that gives powerful search functionality and easy access to libraries of rates. Contractors and Clients can create their own templates, composite codes and import asset lists.

We invite you to test MTC QS before you buy so that you can see for yourself how our software can simplify your workflow. Designed so that all estimates and quotes are linked to an asset address and with a clear audit trail, you may be able to save time, effort and prevent loss of income. The system comes with powerful alerts, flags and easy access to the preambles.

To find out more, please have a look at our dedicated webpage for MTCQS



National Schedules for:
Building Works,
Mechanical Services,
Electrical Services,
Highways Maintenance,
Housing Maintenance,
Access Audit,
Painting & Decorating


Financial Auditing, Procurement, Contract Management, Quantity Surveying, Lifecycle Costing, Stock Condition Surveys, Benchmarking et al.

Contact: info@nsrmanagement.co.uk or call Tina Carrington 01296 339966



The team is integrated with a Client or Client Representative, Contractor and Sub-contractors. The configuration of the system is data flow from
Client to Contractor and then data flow from Contractor to Sub-contractor.


In this arrangement, the Client or Client Representative and Contractor are configured for data flow however the Sub-contractors do not form
part of the system and are externally managed by the Contractor.


The Bronze standard is designed where only one party needs access to the system to generate orders, estimates, quotes or invoices.
The software has been designed to give the maximum degree of flexibility that is required from Measured Term Contracts. Therefore, the
functionality includes allowing the Subscriber to upload custom Schedules and also to create Custom Codes and estimating templates. The
other main features include:

  • A concurrent user system that is online and can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access and a user login
  • Ability to import Asset Lists (properties, addresses etc.) and manage these at top level, sub-level and functional space for generating
    estimates and quotations
  • Set-up different types of Contracts such as (JTC, NEC etc.) to be able to configure specific adjustments against that contract and
    subsequent estimates and quotes that are linked to that arrangement
  • The ability to request and create estimates/quotes with:
    • access to the NSR schedules for which a license has been taken out
    • built-in flags and alerts for associated items, highlighted items and preambles to avoid missing chargeable items and duplication
    • adjustment overrides on:– full or part of the schedule items– value bands– priority codes– day work rates– asset based adjustments–
      PC sum adjustments– material price adjustments
    • create job sections within the estimate
    • add items from the NSR schedule and see complete price breakdown
  • Ability to set-up custom templates for repetitive estimates / quotes / orders
  • Attach unlimited files in any format to estimates/quotes such as specifications, drawings, certificates, condition surveys, photographs etc.

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